Get to know the Brave Lion Books family!


Bhajneet Singh

Bhajneet Singh is a Sikh community activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, actor and creative writer! Born and raised in California, Bhajneet loves playing sports, traveling, doing kirtan and being on the beach. He is gifted at connecting kids with the teachings of Gurbani in a practical, thoughtful and relatable way. Ajeet Singh, The Invincible Lion, is Bhajneet Singh's first children's book

Pardeep Singh

Pardeep Singh made his debut as a children’s book illustrator with Journey with the Gurus by Inni Kaur. Based in Mohali, India, he is an expert in Flash character animation and 3D modeling. Since childhood, he has had a love for painting, a natural talent for illustrating and making stories come alive. Pardeep Singh holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.

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